What If It Did Work?

It’s time to stop sitting on your dream and act on it

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Is the voice in your head telling you, “no”? Are you afraid of failure? Maybe you think you’re just too old to begin a new adventure.

What if I told you that you could squash these fears and silence the scared voice that prevents you from taking the leap and live your TRUE purpose? If you can learn to change just ONE thought, then I promise you will change your life.

This podcast will show YOU how to STOP fear in its tracks so you can take action, which means you can follow the BIGGER plan for your life.

Believe in yourself again & take the leap into defining your purpose. 

Reverse your thinking from “what if it goes wrong” to “what if it goes right”.

Omar Medrano is a highly-successful entrepreneur and business coach for people who are ready to crush the fear that’s keeping them from their potential. Medrano became a serial franchise owner over the past two decades and after putting in the time, he’s become what his fans call “The Vacation CEO”, known as the expert in outsourcing and taking your time back, Medrano has become an example and mentor to many.

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