What if
It Did Work

Are you sitting on your dream instead of acting on it because the voice in your head is telling you, “no”? Are you afraid of failure? Maybe you think you’re just too old to begin a new adventure.

What if, instead, you could squash these fears and silence the scared voice that prevents you from taking the leap and live your TRUE purpose?

If you can learn to change just ONE thought, then I promise you will change your life.

THIS book will show YOU how to STOP fear in its tracks so you can take action, which means you can follow God’s BIGGER plan for your life.

In this book you will learn:

  • To believe in yourself again (no matter what your past looks like or what people say) so you can take the leap into your divine purpose
  • To not only give yourself permission to create a life you only dream about (it all starts with one easy step) BUT the faith to take action and pursue it
  • To face every day without fear of failure (even if you’ve stumbled before)
  • How to leave a legacy that you not only control but create (God gave you everything you need!)
  • How to reverse your thinking from “what if it goes wrong” to “what if it goes right” (this book will eliminate the worst-case scenario thinking that plagues so many people)
  • The only problem you can’t solve (and if you’re reading this, you still have time)
  • How to prepare yourself for dark times so that fear NEVER takes hold of you again
How to Take the Leap and Start Your Own Business Without Letting Fear Hold You Back, Even if You Feel Terrified Now!
If you have a great idea but haven’t launched a business because fear is holding you back, then THIS book is for YOU!

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Medrano wants to help you shake up your approach to launching your next business, keeping your happiness and life in mind, as well as your bottom line, which he enjoys doing through books like this, online coaching, and speaking regularly.

And when he’s not teaching business owners how to find clarity, conviction, and faith in themselves, you can find him playing the stock market, working out, and indulging in the occasional smoothie while parenting his incredible daughters.